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Privacy policy

Privacy policy

With this document it is meant to explain to the present website users and the people involved in the Akinda editorial activities (as albums, publications, promotional material, clothes and merchandising) regarding the personal data processing, as expected from the EU Regulation 679/2016 (GDPR – General Data Protection Regulation – especially articles 13 and 14).

With this website consultation, with service requests, or with communications activities from Akinda (see below) data related to identified or identifiable persons can be collected. It is recalled that the process about requesting consent, if necessary or legally required, for the activities operated will be as clear and user-friendly as possible and for the purchased services they will be included in the specific contractual arrangements.

All data collected through this website or the hereinafter described activities will not be disclosed or passed on to third parties, and activities of profiling users are not foreseen, as well as data transfer with non-EU countries or countries without adequacy decisions according to the above regulation; if those activities would be foreseen, a specific consent will be required.

Akinda employs special security measures in order to prevent data loss, its illegitimate or improper use, or unauthorized access thereto, it also requires specific procedures for the qualification of people who conduct external treatments. This policy does not apply to third party websites accessible through external links.

To all parties is recognized the exercise of the rights of articles from 11 to 20 of the above Regulation simply writing to Akinda Sagl Via Livio 8 Chiasso (CH) or by e-mail to the address dedicated to the GDPR aspects:

For further information the controller is Akinda Sagl with its headquarters in Via Livio 8 Chiasso (CH).

Purposes and legal basis of personal data processing

Akinda processes personal data primarily to allow access, registration, and navigation on its website and to allow request for information about services and products. It also operates, on the basis of the expectations of the users of the already realized publishing projects, or on the basis of the specific needs of those in the market who would like to use it (and on the basis of Akinda’s legitimate interest), a periodic activity of direct information about Akinda’s editorial services. Any further treatment occurs on the basis of an obligation forecast by the law or upon clear consent.

In particular, Akinda collects and processes personal data for the following purposes of:

  1. Answering requests;
  2. Sending informative material;
  3. Contacting users through automated and non-automated tools (e-mail, SMS, social network, paper mail, telephone with operator) in order to inform them according to the editorial products;
  4. Fulfilling legal or fiscal obligation according to the applicable legislation.

For the purposes specified above, Akinda processes personal data according to the presented requests and to legitimate interest, or by consensus (filling form or similar), and for legal certainty aspects.

Personal data processed by consensus will be kept only as long as is strictly necessary to reach the purposes for which it was originally collected and, in any case, it will not be processed anymore after a withdrawal of consensus and not later than 10 years since the termination of the business relationship. Where the personal data treatment should instead occur according to legitimate interest or in compliance with legal, fiscal, or judicial obligation, data can be kept up to ten (10) years since the conclusion of the last activities.

For data collected during navigation, we recommend to see “cookies policy”. It should be noted that data collected during navigation or contact form can be used in case of hypothetical computer crimes against the site and may be forwarded to the Judicial Authorities at the specific request of the latter.

Data freely provided by user. Personal data provided by users who send requests for informative material (i.e. information or material request) can be used only to perform the requested service or operation and can be communicated to third parties only in case it should be necessary for the request. The elective, explicit and voluntary sending of personal data involves the subsequent acquisition of sender’s address, which is required to respond to requests, as well as any other personal data which may be included in the communication. Personal data is processed with automated tools for the time strictly necessary to reach the purposes for which it was originally collected.

Minors under 16 years old should not and cannot give personal data or information to Akinda in absence of consent of the parental responsibility holders; Akinda arranged specific procedures to verify requests. In absence of such a consent, any activity will not be possible. Akinda encourages all those who have parental responsibility to inform minors about a safe and responsible usage of electronic or paper tools and to operate the most suitable procedure during registration or form compilation. In case of any doubt about this topic, please contact us at the addresses below.

Akinda employs social networks to communicate in an easy and immediate way; for this reason on the website you will often find direct links to common social networks; usually these links address you to the page run by Akinda. We remind you that the website usage regulation are directly defined by the responsible for the service (i.e. Facebook).

“Newsletters” by Akinda are free professional information tools to interested parties, to inform them about news and changes, especially regarding editorial products. The activity (i.e. carried out by e-mail or SMS) is exclusively run with professional tools that allow the personalisation of information and their complete management even by the user. The recipient’s address has been collected through all Akinda activities, such as: registration on internet websites, events or seminars, formation courses, informative or commercial meetings. The address can be exclusively used for the above-mentioned purposes and will not be transferred to third parties for any reason and will be only processed with the necessary computer support for sending informative according the privacy policy by Akinda, this service always requires the function “delete me” with the registration of this event (even with an operator).

This policy is updated and is applicable from 26/02/2020

Protection of users authority:

Please note: As it is not possible to guarantee that the adopted measures for the website and data processing security are such as to excluded any risk of unauthorized access or dispersal of data, we recommend the website user to ensure that its own computer is equipped with an updated antivirus software for the network data protection – both incoming and outgoing – and that the internet service provider has adopted appropriate security measures about data transmission.

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