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For more than 10 years Akinda has been working with local sports clubs with a comprehensive management of the project. Our results:


Teams represented in Italy and abroad


Published sticker albums


Little champions' photos taken

Our products

Sticker album

Sticker album

Work with market leaders for your club’s sticker album. With us you can get it at no cost and have a guaranteed return.


Scarves, hats, mugs, covers and much more made in Italy, customized with your club’s colors

Albums for everyone

Comano Terme Fiavè
Creare album figurine


Collect the emotions of a whole year with your team’s sticker album. Comano Terme’s football team has already issued its successfull album.

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Posal Basket - Milano
Album di figurine per squadre di basket


Start scoring with your basket team’s album. Posal Basket from Milan already has its own sticker album.

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ASD Lyons Rugby
Album di figurine per squadre di rugby


Leave the scrum and get your rugby team’s album. Just like Lyons Rugby players.

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Rhinos Footbal
Album di figurine per squadre di football


I Want you! Do you want to get your American Football team’s sticker album? Look at the Rhinos American Football team’s little champions.

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Tennis Esquilino
Album di figurine per scuola tennis


For your tennis (stickers) exchange you just need your customised album. Just like scuola Tennis Esquilino.

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Smash your friends’ stickers onto your team’s customised album. Your volleyball team can have its own album too.

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Hockey Hc Bulldog Valpellice
Album di figurine per squadra di hockey


Hockey players like you can get their own album too for them to play with. Hockey Hc Bulldog’s players, youngest to oldest, all have their own sticker in the album.

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Espressione Danza Melegnano
Album di figurine per scuole di danza


One-two-three…In few steps you dance school too can get its sticker album. Dancers from Espressione Danza Melegnano have their own sticker collection.

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Scuola dell'infanzia Cesarò - Sicilia
Album di figurine per la scuola


Each and every school or class can have its sticker album. Schools like Istituto “Cesarò” have their students’ album.

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Comune di Cavalese
Album figurine società sportive comunali


Get the sticker albumo of the clubs in your town. The town of Cavalese has already done so.

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Oratorio SS Trinità - Milano
Album di figurine per oratori

Youth centres

With their own customised album teenagers get another chance to be together. Engage the neighbourhood just like Oratorio della “SS Trinità” in Milan.

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Commerciale il Castello - Ferrara
Album figurine supermercati e GDO

Multiple store distribution

Get the sticker album of sport clubs close to your supermarket or shopping centre. Commerciale il Castello in Ferrara has already has already issued its album.

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COMPLETE YOUT ALBUM Buy the complete collection and the missing stickers, got to store.